Committee (Hilary Term 2017)


Angelos Vakalis (President)

Angelos is a second year PPE student from Lincoln College and will be leading the society starting Hilary Term 2017. He is very interested in the international relations of the EU area as well as US politics. Missing the food and the weather of his home country, Greece, he spends his time playing chess for the university team or walking around Oxford to see more of the city.


Ursula Sentence (President-elect)

Ursula is a second year PPEist at Lincoln, with a particular interest in reconciling positive environmental policy with a successful economy. When she’s not trying to finish yet another essay, Ursula can be found prepping long term for the 2017 Oxford half-marathon, playing the cello or eating as much Sunday brunch in hall as is socially acceptable.

Ignacio Correa (Treasurer)

Ignacio is a second year PPEist at Lincoln. Stemming from a love of his home country, Peru, he is very interested in developing countries, both their political and economic realities and histories. He enjoys food and the art of eating, which he attempts to control (not very successfully) for the sake of his waistline and wallet. He is apparently not short enough to be kicked out of rowing, which he also enjoys and devotes a ridiculous number of early mornings to. What little spare time he has left he likes spending on some odd TV show or planning his next trip somewhere.

Jane Eun (Secretary)

Jane is a first year PPE student at Christ Church who hails from Guam and northeastern US. During term time, she mainly focuses on drinking as much tea as possible, but she can sometimes be found on the golf course with university ladies golfers or on the water with her college crew teams.

Niles Breuer (Sponsorship Officer)

Niles Breuer is a first year PPEist at Keble. His primary interests lie in metaphysics, chaos theory, and behavioral economics, specifically the ways in which economic models can be improved by including geographic factors. When not splashing around in a boat or stumbling around the rugby pitch confusedly, Niles can be found scouring Oxford for any and all food options available.

Speakers Team:

Mark Bogod (Lincoln College)
Charithra Chandran (New College)
Nicholas Chin (Lincoln College)
Christopher Cho (Lady Margaret Hall)
Edward Ford (St Peter’s College)
Michael Shao (Lady Margaret Hall)

Marketing Team:

Ella Brown (Lincoln College)
Sichao Liu (Lady Margaret Hall)
Jia Ong (Lady Margaret Hall)

Web Designer:

Lavanya Chowdhury (Lincoln College)