About us

The Oxford PPE society is open to everyone at Oxford University, it is a society run by students for students. We aim to put on exciting, relevant and informative events for our members and create a community of like-minded individuals.

The Guardian has called PPE the ‘degree that runs Britain’ and although perhaps an exaggeration, it does demonstrate the prestige and far reaching power of the combination of these subjects. It was introduced at Oxford in 1921 with hopes of having a transformative effect on students’ intellectual lives by providing a curriculum with the balance of depth and breadth in fields of social, political and philosophical thought.

In the past, we have hosted James Robinson, Ha-Joon Chang, Simon Blackburn and Malcom Rifkind and looking into the future; we hope to hold even bigger and better events. Members do not need to be reading PPE and we welcome individuals from all subject areas. To join the society, please click on the ‘Become a member’ bar on the website header.

We have a weekly newsletter to publicise both PPE society and other relevant university events and opportunities. If you would like something to be added to the newsletter, please email our secretary.