Michael Mansfield QC and Yvette Greenway on SOS: Silence of Suicide

We had the privilege of welcoming Michael and Yvette to Oxford last Wednesday (18th October) to discuss their organisation SOS: Silence of Suicide which aims to “encourage open, honest discourse by all those affected by suicide, from a safe platform provided by us where stigma, shame and silence do not exist”.

As Mr Mansfield explains, suicide used to be considered a crime under British law—hence the term “committed suicide”, stemming from “to commit a crime”—and thus removing the stigma surrounding it is SOS’s primary goal.

Michael Mansfield QC is a self-described “radical lawyer” who has been involved in controversial court cases involving the Guildford Four, the 1989 Hillsborough disaster and Princess Diana’s former lover Mohamed Al Fayed. Yvette Greenway is involved in a wide range of pursuits, from finance to documentary making to event management. They have recently been working with Grenfell survivors to address their mental health needs.