Welcome to PPE Society

Dear All,

The Oxford PPE Society will be starting the new year with an extensive lineup of speaker events that will soon be released on our Facebook page This term, we hope our society will be able to bring a broad range of speaker events that offer more insight into specialised areas. I look forward to leading the society in what I’m sure will be an exciting term for all.

We primarily host high-profile speakers from the “modern greats” (philosophy, politics and economics) and are proud to say that we are the second largest subject group at Oxford. For the members of our society, we will be hosting career networking events with top firms throughout the UK. From this term, we will also be publishing a blog, where members can contribute articles on philosophy, politics or economics. We hope this can grow to be a great outlet for people to express positions or provide detailed overviews of major issues in PPE.

If you have any questions or wish to get involved with the society, please email me or send a message via our Facebook page.

Best wishes,

Nicholas Chin

Hillary Term 2018 President